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Practice Games

Count Up: Total 8 rounds, starting at zero point, the player with the highest scores is the winner.


Bermuda: Hitting the specified zones on screen to get score. If the player cannot score at a round, your current score will be reduced to a half. The player with the highest score wins. The number in the middle is the target you need to hit. 


Sniper: Hit numbers from 1 to 20,Bull in ascending order. Score for 1 dart calculated by formula "effective score X multiplay area X effective dart number". Player with higher score at the end of the game will win!


Archery: Practice game, throwing closer to the center of the target will brings you higher score, Player with higher score at the end of the game will win!


Horse Race: Hit the highlighted numbers starting from 1 to 20 and Bull. Hit in a single sector allows you move one step forward, double and triple sectors accordingly to 2 and 3 steps. First who will cross finish line wins!


Double Practice: Hit the highlighted double section according to the sequence from 20-1

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