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VDarts Commercial Series CB1

VDarts CB1(DIY Series)

Product includes: Cashbox, coin acceptor and card-reader device
For use with (sold separately) : Tablet device, Global Online Dartboard VDarts H2 or VDarts H2L (LED)

VDarts CB1(DIY Series)
Combine your personal style with VDarts commercial dartboard.

You only need a VDarts H2L Dartboard and Cashbox to create unique décor and
perfect designs in bars, KTV, Coffee shops, etc.



Our unique and eye-catching LED lights are
not only for novice dart players, they are
also well-loved by the professionals!

The LED lights on target have amazing functions. They highlight sectors so that even a beginner will
know what to do. The combination of special effects and changing lighting effects will
enhance gaming experience bringing dart sports into a whole new level!
The last dart
throws in 01 Games
cricket led

Expand your horizon! Connect an external
HD TV for an amazing visual effect!

Businesses can add their own audio system and HD TV screen to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Unlimited games using time packages for
a fun all-night entertainment!

The more member cards are used during time package option (between 1 -3 hours),
the more money players save. Players can save up o 80% off the original price! It's great for
team training and for big groups of friends who want to play.

Happy hour, Happy game

Businesses can freely set the price of the games any time of the day.
Set daytime happy hours and reduce game prices to
effectively attract more customers during off-peak times.

One-time purchase. No more profit sharing.
This will allow you to bring your dart business
to another level!

No deposit, No rental fee, One-time deal, Sustainable business.
Your dart machine, your profit! Earn as much as twice of what you are earning now.

Global Online Darts Game.
Play with other players online.

Whether you're using the commercial version, home version, or the large dart machine,
with the VDarts membership card you can always compete with other players online.
The game APP supports Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

Numerous dart games available
for a combination of competition and fun!

Up to six game categories, dozens of dart games, professional league system and
mixed game mode to easily manage your game level and competition.
Turn on your inner "Fun Mode" and have fun.
01 series
  • 301
  • 501
  • 701
  • 901
  • 1101
  • 1501
Fun zone
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Hunter 301
  • Dart Roulette
  • all you can play
Cricket Series
  • Wild Card
  • Hidden
  • Cricket 200
  • Low Ball
Practice Games
  • Count Up
  • Bermuda
  • Sniper
  • Archery
Online PK
  • Online PK with Global Players
  • Super V
  • 301
  • 501
  • 701
  • 301 + Cricket Series
  • 501 + Cricket Series
  • 701 + Cricket Series
  • Cricket Series

The voice and text messaging functions during
online games will make it easy for you to
make new dart friends around the world.


[android devices] Processor: Quad-core 1.2G; RAM: 2GB; Operating System: Android4.4.3 or later versions; Bluetooth: 4.0; Support: OpenGL 2.0

[apple devices] iPhone 5s/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 2 with iOS 9 or higher

Instructions: Please use your device to scan the QR code or search for VDartsGame APP directly on Google Play or Apple Store.

v and fun

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