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Online Dartboard VDarts H2L

Basis of VDarts H2
Visual and gaming experience full upgrade Learn more about Online Dartboard VDarts H2 VDarts H2L is not only for online play,
It’s great for both home and office entertainment,
Absolutely new business model for bars and other entertainment places,
If you have VDarts H2L you don’t need a second board!
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Global Online Video Play
More realistic & More vivid!

VDarts H2L can be connected to a mobile or tablet device via Bluetooth.
With the use of your device's front camera,
you will be able to see every move and every throw your opponent makes
in real time high-quality video regardless of your location.
Getting to know each other and learning together is just the beginning.
Rivals can also become good, long-time friends.
VDarts H2L will give you the opportunity to make friends with people around the world.
Get ready to meet new people!

Online voice communication, free and easy
with "Listen" and "Speak" buttons

Hate playing darts in silence and talk only with yourself,
With new function of APP “Speak” and “Listen” you will be able to communicate with the world,
exchange your game feeling and listen voices of your online friends.
Want to make new friends? Want to ask for their Facebook, Twitter or Wechat ID?
Than just press a “Speak” button!
Not content with this you can improve or start learning a new foreign language with the help of your new friends.

Dartboard new visual LED lights effect
will bring you to a new level of game experience.

Revolutionary LED lights show and special effects technology
on a dartboard’s target make VDarts H2L unique.
While playing in games of 01 series
the segments on the board, which you needed to hit,
will be glowing. You don’t need to calculate it by yourself.
Highlighting desired segments during cricket game,
even a novice will understand where the target is.
At the same time LED lights perfectly match with
dart game and bring a visual enjoyment to your eyes.
Moreover, in standby mode VDarts H2L dartboard can be your little sweet clock,
every time making your life a little bit brighter.

If you have VDarts H2L it's enough to bring a
new fun entertainment in your family.

VDarts H2L online dartboard – "Single joy",
"big company joy" all are “Joy”,
Single games, online games, free to choose.
You want to practice and become one of the best dart players in the world – our dartboard is for you!
It's so boring being at home, want to pastime – our dartboard is for you!
Want to learn about world of Darts not even leaving your flat – our dartboard is for you!
Want to gather your friends and relatives together,
enhance the pleasure feelings – our dartboard is for you!
Moreover, dartboard can be connected to a TV,
home audio and many other peripherals according to your own preferences.
Turn your home into the entertainment room in just one second.

Dartboard will come into focus in
bars and another commercial places

With fashionable and technological design,
together with stunning LED lighting effects,
the dartboard VDarts H2L will delight and attract eyes of visitors in bars,
entertainment centers and similar establishments.

VDartsGame APP,
through Bluetooth allow to connect more
VDarts H2L/H2 Online Dartboards

VDartsGame APP and Online Dartboard VDarts H2L make a perfect match,
thereby increasing attention to itself.
arrange dozens of competitions,
full of fun and entertainment Dart games,
Also have a plenty of excitement competition systems,
more original V coins, new treasure game.
Whether it's for training,
making friends, gathering or entertainment,
All impossible becomes possible.


[ android devices ] Processor: Quad-core 1.2G; RAM: 2GB; Operating System: Android4.4.3 or later versions; Bluetooth: 4.0; Support: OpenGL 2.0
[ apple devices ] iPhone 5s/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 2 with iOS 9 or higher
Instructions: Please use your device to scan the QR code or search for VDartsGame APP directly on Google Play or Apple Store.
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